Brian Baker: ‘Snowflakedom’ or ‘victimhood?’

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Josh Heath’s recent tirade, published Aug. 29 under the title “In defense of Millennial snowflakes,” gave me a couple of good chuckles. I’m grateful for that, as I enjoy good humor, intentional or otherwise.

In his rant he complained that “The general view of my generation, the Millennials, from older conservatives is that we are weak, overly emotional, lazy, and entitled. This consensus is often expressed through use of a particular one-word insult: snowflake. … In their judgment, if my generation is struggling, we have no one to blame but ourselves.”

Putting aside the irony that his entire column is a personification of “snowflakedom,” he’s just plain wrong.

We “Trump-tie-wearing bully boys of the older generation” don’t use the “snowflake” term to “slander against (his) generation.” Not at all!

In fact, my daughter’s a Millennial, and she’s the absolutely last person I’d ever consider a “snowflake.” She’s a strong person with great values, a staunch conservative and terrific daughter, wife and mother. She knows how to stand up for her beliefs and doesn’t back down.

When I look at the majority of the Millennials I know, I see hard-working young people nurturing their families, active duty and veteran military folks, career-minded professionals climbing the ladder, blue- and white-collar workers making their way in their chosen careers and professions.

Actually, we “Trump-tie-wearing bully boys of the older generation” reserve that term for those wusses – of any generation – who insist on meeting any ideas with which they don’t agree with screams of dismay, usually accompanied by bleats for “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces,” and who make vapid excuses for their lack of direction or achievement in life. Kind of like Heath did in his column, come to think of it!

So I don’t really know what “dastardly behavior” he’s referring to. Sounds to me like he’s donned his “victimhood” cape. If he’s finding that term directed at himself personally, well, maybe that should tell him something.

Brian Baker


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