Sally White: Not everything’s as it appears

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Thank you for your continued attention to the issues surrounding Newhall Ranch and the potential addition of 21,500 homes to our valley. In Wednesday’s Signal was mention that SCOPE vows to continue the fight, of the meeting last month at the Board of Supervisors chambers, and the fact that, at that meeting, the voices of those who opposed the development were drowned out by twice as many people who were in favor of it.

What was left out of that article is the fact that busloads of people were brought to the meeting by the proponents of the development, and this trip included lunch. Those who spoke in favor were clearly those who would profit in some way from the approval of the development. They had a “dog in the fight”!

On the other hand, those who spoke against the development were there as concerned citizens, speaking up for all current residents, and worried about what damage a development of this size would do to our community.

None of those who spoke were bused in, but rather, drove their own cars, or car-pooled, paid at least $20 for parking, took a day off from work, bought their own lunches, and sat waiting in the supervisors’ chambers until their turn to speak, which was limited to between one and three minutes.

I believe that the readers of The Signal are entitled to know this part of the story, as it shines another light on what is happening in our community.

Things are not always as they seem to be at first glance! The voices of the people are being drowned out by the megaphones of big money.

Sally White is a Valencia resident

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