Thomas Oatway: A highly desirable $12 an hour

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Jim DeBree’s Opinion article “Finding the best minimum wage,” published Aug. 19, correctly pointed out the complications involved in setting a minimum wage, noting that labor costs must strike a balance between labor supply and demand, product demand vs. price, and the effects of technology and automation on wages.

His conclusion was that the “optimal minimum wage is likely less than $15 per hour.” While this may be true, it struck me that a minimum wage of $12 per hour must be at the absolute lower limit to attract entry-level employees.

A striking example of this is the very large banner hung above the McDonalds fast food restaurant on McBean Parkway near Creekside Drive in Valencia.

This business is pulling out all of the stops to advertise its job openings at $12 per hour.

Thomas Oatway

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