Betty Arenson: Dispelling the falsehoods

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

In the column “Truth about the new gas tax” written by Assemblyman Dante Acosta and published Sept. 2, Acosta set the record straight after a malevolent column, signed by multiple people, was published with pure falsehoods (“SCV Voices: Acosta and Wilk, don’t claim credit for improvements”) on Aug. 26.

It is unfortunate that Acosta’s column was published on a holiday weekend, as many may have missed its important message. The column may still be read on The Signal’s website,

The original column accused Assemblyman Acosta and Sen. Scott Wilk of being hypocrites, among other contemptible things, for posing for a picture of the groundbreaking of a resurfacing project for the Interstate-5 freeway after voting against SB1.

SB1, the largest gas tax hike in California history, was passed without any voter approval. Further, it’s not even in effect yet and has absolutely nothing to do with the I-5 rehab project.

As for a brief peek into the text of SB1, I’ve read it twice and its content is abhorrent for the deceitful sham it played on Californians. It even includes hiring felons; (Chapter 2, Section 2038 [e]) and paying $2million to the California State University system (Section 2032[g]). And it mightily increases vehicle registration fees.

As for the subject at hand, the original fallacious column casting aspersions on two elected officials, I hope that when readers are subjected to accusations  such as this, they will consider the veracity of the words and certainly the intent and ulterior motives behind the authors.

Betty Arenson


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