Out of the bunker: Remember — just breathe


Golf is a funny game. It can turn even the calmest person into a nervous wreck in the span of only a couple of swings.

As many of you have certainly experienced, golf is a much easier game when nobody is watching you. Your grip feels light, your feet feel quiet and balanced, and your breathing feels calm.

This all changes, of course, as soon as somebody is watching you.

Suddenly, your grip tightens up, your feet become too active, and your breathing virtually stops.  When this happens, you need to just step back and remember to keep breathing.

Playing good, consistent golf has a lot to do with your ability to remain calm and relaxed.

I focus on this idea quite often with many of my junior golfers.  When you begin to feel your heart beating like that of a hummingbird, you need to take some deep breaths to slow it down.

Proper breathing can resolve all kinds of issues, both in golf and life.

We all experience stress both on and off the golf course. When this happens, it is important to focus on your breathing to calm yourself down.

Everything will be ok once your heart begins to beat at a normal rate. You will feel more relaxed, and you will find yourself able to focus again on the task at hand.

From an early age, we have all been taught to take a deep breath when we are nervous about something. For children, this may be having to give a speech in front of a class.

For adults, this may be going to an important job interview. And for golfers, this may be standing on the first tee with everybody watching you from through the restaurant window.

When you begin to feel your nerves taking over on the golf course, you are going to do yourself a world of good by simply focusing on your breathing.

Your grip will feel better, your balance will be improved, and your heart will beat slower.


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