Out of the Bunker: Getting some holiday practice


We are officially into my favorite time of year.

The weather is finally cooler, my kids wake up easier in the morning because the sun is up, and the holidays are upon us.

It’s all great.

But, with this time of year comes the realization that your tournament season is behind you, and it will be a few months before it picks back up again. So, the question is, what do you do to work on your game during this “down-time?”

There are several ways to work on your golf game this time of year. Perhaps the most convenient part of your game to work on is your putting.

If you have a straight line somewhere on the floor in your home, you have the ability to work on your putting stroke. One area comes to mind when I think of straight lines in a home.

Most of you probably have kitchen tile somewhere in your house. If not, you likely have wood. In either case, you can use the straight line separating these pieces to work on your putting stroke.

Simply line up your putter with the line on the ground and practice a straight back and straight through stroke. By learning to keep the line on your putter aligned with the line on the ground, your short putts will improve.

But how about your chipping, you might ask?

My suggestion is to purchase some plastic golf balls and find a nice patch of carpet in your house. Grab whichever club you chip with and practice chipping those plastic balls into a cup, or even a bucket on the ground.

Doing this, you will develop a soft touch, and you will show up to the golf course during tournament season with much greater confidence on the greens. Please be aware that if you inadvertently break a household item during this, I am not to blame.

These are just a couple of ways to stay sharp with your game during the slow period of golf. I have found that the less golf you play, your short game always seems to suffer the most.

Keep your putting and your chipping as sharp as possible and you will be ahead of your competitors when tournament season comes back around.

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