Old Orchard Paseo Preservation Committee: Our favorite City Council member is Laurene Weste

City Councilwoman Laurene Weste smiles during a council meeting. Katharine Lotze/Signal

Editor’s note: As part of Santa Clarita’s celebration of its 30th anniversary, The Signal has run a contest on Facebook seeking the community’s favorite City Council members of all time. Here is the vote of the Valencia Old Orchard Paseo Preservation Committee.

The members of the Old Orchard Paseo Preservation Committee vote for Laurene Weste as our favorite City Council member of all time. Her unrivaled contributions to our community are too numerous to list. The dedication she has put forth year after year is unparalleled.

Working with the other City Council members, Mrs. Weste has been able to help make wise choices for our city and community.

When one hears Mrs. Weste mentioned, it is understood that she is the voice of reason, as she looks at the whole picture and makes prudent decisions based on the best outcome for the people as well as the city of Santa Clarita.

It’s not surprising Mrs. Weste has enjoyed such a lengthy tenure, as her passion and commitment to the original goals of the planned community are evidenced throughout this city.

We have enjoyed celebrating Santa Clarita’s 30th birthday throughout this year of 2017.

Jeff Warrender, chairman
Linnea Hollowell, co-chair
Valencia Old Orchard
Paseo Preservation Committee

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