Thomas Oatway: Time for a parliamentary system?


The controversy over the upcoming Alabama senatorial election, with Judge Roy Moore refusing to acknowledge alleged indiscretions with underage girls – and neither Senate Republicans nor the president taking a stand against him – shows how broken our Congress really is.

The G.O.P. would prefer to seat Judge Moore rather than his Democratic opponent due to the votes he may provide to help enact its partisan policies.

Taken to the extreme, would they prefer to seat Satan rather than any Democrat? Is Judge Moore going to be the new face of the Republican Party?

What is most troubling about D.C. politics is that bipartisan legislation has little chance of being enacted. Both parties prefer to enact laws that only their tribe supports.

In the case of health care legislation and the G.O.P. tax reform plans, no compromise with the opposition has emerged. This despite a growing population of voters who are not registered with either party and are not being represented.

The two-party system is no longer serving our democracy. Maybe it is time to change to a parliamentary system and junk the U.S. Constitution.

Thomas Oatway

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