Brian Baker: A word on climate change

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On March 17, in the Weekender edition of The Signal, there was a column entitled: “Climate change is a science fact” written by Jess Phoenix.

In that column, she introduces herself as a Democrat candidate for the congressional seat in the 25th District, which is currently held by Steve Knight.

Evidently, she’s positioning herself as the “climate” candidate, as far as I can tell from the text of her column.

As to her column, yep, there’s no doubt about it. The climate is changing, and it’s been doing that for about 4 billion years now. It will continue to do so until there is no more climate, as it’s in the nature of climate itself, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, regardless of their claims.

So, the issue becomes what is being proposed as a response to that inescapable reality.

Those on the left—and since Phoenix is running as a Democrat for a political seat that’s where she stands on the political spectrum—propose draconian “solutions” that will have no real effect on the continuation of climate change, but that will result in massive global wealth redistribution; freeze Third World poverty in place condemning masses of people to continuing starvation and misery; force us to abandon the use of our cheap and available fossil fuels, and depend instead on expensive and unreliable “alternative energy” sources; suppress our own economic vitality with burdensome and hugely expensive “environmental” regulations; greatly increase to consumers the cost of home energy usage, such as heating and air conditioning; strangle our national sovereignty under the mantle of global climate regulation; and curtail our own liberties, and rights to exercise our own choices in decisions that affect our daily lives.

If this is what you want, then by all means vote for Phoenix, or one of her fellow Dems, in November. The choice is pretty clear.

Brian Baker

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