Jay DelDotto: What do you expect Trump to do?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Signal routinely publishes Letters to the Editor from a Lois Eisenberg of Valencia. Her hatred of anything Trump and the verbal venom that she disgorges about the Republicans and anyone who is a Republican shows me someone who has no ability to objectively view the political world or truly understand how our government works.

There are good Republicans and bad Republicans just like there are good Democrats and bad Democrats.

In Eisenberg’s letter—published on Tuesday, March 13—she complains about President Trump not investigating the “Russian” interference of our democracy. Eisenberg obviously does not understand that President Trump has no authority to personally investigate or have anyone in the White House investigate the so-called Russian interference of our democracy.

He can direct that to the Department of Justice and other Federal agencies conducting investigations. Unfortunately, Eisenberg does not understand, or does not care, that there are numerous inquiries and investigations being conducted.

Of course the most prominent is the “Mueller” investigation ordered by the Department of Justice, which is headed by Jeff Sessions a “Trump” appointee. The House of Representatives and the United States Senate also are conducting hearings and interviewing witnesses. Millions of dollars are being spent on these hearings and investigations.

As Eisenberg is well aware of, the so-called Independent Investigator, Robert Mueller, was a Hillary Clinton supporter and has many Hillary Clinton supporters and donors working on his staff. So far, after almost a year, nothing has been revealed tying Mr. Trump to any Russian collusion let alone a violation of law by the “Mueller” investigation or the other numerous inquiries. Eisenberg fails to mention these various inquiries.

Please tell me, Eisenberg, just what is it that you want President Trump to do?

Hire his own personal investigators paid for out of his personal bank account?

As for Eisenberg and her patently biased view and adulation of the Democrats, it seems like she avoids recognizing the many Democrat shortcomings over the past years— Hillary Clinton’s in-home “server,” Bill Clinton getting $500,000 to give a speech in Russia and the Clinton Foundation routinely receiving donations from foreign governments and individual donors who then received special access to Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State, and of course the selling of our uranium deposits to Russia is conveniently glossed over. Or, how about President Obama criticizing Mitt Romney during the run up to the 2012 election for saying that Russia was one of our most pressing problems and then Obama not looking into any meddling during the 2016 election year.

Apparently, President Obama did not think that the Russian meddling was that important until Hillary Clinton lost the election.

So, Eisenberg, continue to write your letters and gloss over the shortcoming of your Democrat politicians and criticize anything Trump or Republican. This is your right. But, understand, there are many others, even some Democrats, that can see through your bias and hatred and be objective about what is factual and what is opinion.

Jay DelDotto

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