Albert Bigelow: A bit of objectivity

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor


The hatchet job by Lois Eisenberg Tuesday is beneath the standard objectivity of her usual letters. Note the vitriol in use of “destroy our glorious planet,” “no conscience,” “hell bent” and “evil about his negative intent.”

I’d like to add a bit of objectivity to balance the scales. So let’s go one at a time.

1. Rather than “the destruction of the EPA”, Pruitt is starting to rein in bureaucratic overreach that has been happening in the EPA for years.

2. The fuel economy standards (CAFE) have forced auto makers to build small cars (at a loss) with a corresponding increase in lethal accidents. Let’s let the consumer decide.

3. LA “smog free days” are here! Further gains are NOT coming from more EPA regulations.

4. Pruitt family vacations are not nearly as costly as the Obama family total of $99.7 Million. EPA’s Lisa Jackson and successor Gina McCarthy spent $330K and $630K respectively for international junkets.

5. The ROOM he rents for $1500 a month was vetted by career EPA ethics officials, not his appointees.

Now, before Lois gets her dander up on another initiative, I want to comment on the stupid ethanol mandate. Pruitt is said to be reviewing this too.

It’s about time. Ethanol LOWERS engine efficiency, does NOT reduce pollution, and can actually HURT engines! The mandate was/stupidly applied (requiring total volume instead of a percent content). And lastly, it consumes a HUGE portion of Americas corn. We must get corn-belt politicians to agree to cancel this monstrosity!

Lois, please note the absence of negative adjectives and bile in these comments.

Albert Bigelow

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