Our View: Preparing for primary election

Our View

The 2018 election season is starting to heat up as the June 5 primary gets closer.

Up before voters locally are the major statewide offices including governor, US Senate for the position currently held by Dianne Feinstein, the 25th Congressional District and the 36th and 38th Assembly Districts.

Voters who vote by mail as many in the Santa Clarita Valley will do should receive their ballots about a month before Election Day and need to mail them back before Election Day or take it to a polling place on that day.

Ever since the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump pulled off one of the biggest upsets in election history, there seems to be greater engagement in the political process both locally and throughout the country. It appears that many previously disengaged potential voters who were either not registered or didn’t vote have woken up and realized that every vote counts. Hopefully they now also realize that voting is a basic right of all American citizens that should be cherished and used.

On The Signal opinion page, we push robust discussion about issues both political and non-political and we are asking readers to continue to send in their letters and columns on what ever issue you want to talk about. The more varied the views the better. Every person’s opinion counts.

If you want to write about a particular candidate or other issue on the primary ballot, we ask that you send them to us by Friday, May 25 so that readers are not overwhelmed by content at the last minute and there is sufficient time for candidates to respond if they are inclined to do that.

We will not publish any election-related opinion columns or letters that we receive after May 25.

We appreciate the columns and letters we get from readers and publish most of them.

As always, send all opinion page submissions to [email protected].

Thanks for writing and be sure to vote in the coming weeks.

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