Lois Eisenberg: Trump’s own medicine

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Washington Correspondents Dinner Sat. April 28 was a little over the top by Michelle Wolf, but take into consideration her monologue on the Trump Administration was no different than what Trump has been doing on a personal basis for years.

Trump has set such a low standard of ethics and morals and personal attacks by mocking people that he got some of his own medicine from Michelle Wolf. Trump has dragged his own muddy attacks to the depths of indecency, and it was payback time at the dinner.

Wolf upheld her right to free speech and Trump was not happy about it as attested by his moronic tweets. His mockery of other people finally caught up with him and rightfully so.

It was alright when Trump was attacking people at his rallies and his puppet supporters were laughing.

Trump is still attacking and mocking things and people at a rapid pace and making adverse comments about someone or something openly and with varying severity and his puppet supporters are still laughing at his attacks.

And by the way “Flint still doesn’t have clean water.”

Lois Eisenberg

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