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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As Mr. Gething claimed, he wasn’t disposed to reply to Brian Baker’s contribution (“We Are Seeing The Signs”), I have pondered whether or not to just skip Mr. Gething’s comments. But since I am a Baker fan (and I do not know him personally), I seem to be compelled to make a few comments.

I have lived in this valley since 1964, and watched at the incredulous change it has made. Working for Lockheed at the time, I was permitted to go on a test flight of the L1011 TriStar. As we circled back to the airport at Palmdale, we went directly over my house, and looking out at the entire territory, I thought to myself, “Good heavens~! It looks just like a big sand pile. I don’t remember what time of the year it was, but my house was located on the last row on that particular tract. The whole area of Canyon Country was a sweet little rural, agricultural scene usually referred to as Mint Canyon, and I have to admit that, thinking of myself as a “city girl”, I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and I miss it. We had our own cowboy festival, parades, and little fun events.

However, there was rivalry in those days also. The Signal was owned by an extremely prominent family that took issue with a gentleman on our side of the valley, and at one time, even challenged him to a duel! The Signal was also a free publication that was just tossed onto our property. It reflected the opinion of its publisher, which was not too complimentary of our little community. One gentleman (not a relative of mine) said he felt like having The Signal cited for littering! I personally felt the editor considered our side of the valley the “South Central.”

Having said all that, I have to admit that watching this little valley grow, become beautiful, and ~ more traffic than I like, I must come back to Mr. Baker’s opinion of what is going on. I think he is right on target with his insights. I am of the opinion that Mr. Baker does his homework on all of the subject he elects to comment on. I hope he continues.

VaNile Risser
Canyon Country

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