Out of the Bunker: How good is your grip?

Image of golfer demonstrating the proper grip. Photo courtesy of iStock

How much time to you spend focusing on the way you grip the golf club?

Let’s be honest, your grip is often the least of your concerns while practicing. However, if you want to continue improving, your grip better become more of your focus.

One of the most important factors I work on with my students is learning how to comfortably grip the club.

Often times, I see players manipulating their hands to fit onto the grip a particular way.

To simplify this process, I have players relax their arms and let them just fall naturally to the side of their body. I’ll then place the club in their left hand (if they are a right handed golfer) without adjusting the position of their arm or hand.

Now their hand is in a natural position on the club, and the right hand can now comfortably find its position on the club.

Once your hands are placed on the grip, there is a great way to check how naturally your arms and hands are positioned as you address the ball.

Once you are in position, simply let go of the golf club and check the stress level in your arms and hands.

If you feel no pressure, then you have successfully maintained a natural position. However, if you feel pressure in your arms or hands after letting go of the club, you have somehow manipulated your natural position.

If this happens, you should start over by gripping the club to the side of your body while maintaining the natural angles.

I remember being told by one of my first instructors, “if you don’t have a good grip, you better hope you don’t make a good swing!”

It’s a true statement! A poor grip with a good swing will typically result in a poor result.

Start focusing more on the comfort in your grip, and you will begin to be rewarded for the good swings you are sure to make.

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