Frank Smathers: The Death Of Marco Antonio Muñoz

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am calling on my Congressman, Steve Knight, to do everything within his power to stop the heinous, horrific persecution of immigrants in the United States. I just read that a father, Marco Antonio Muñoz, brought his family from Honduras, seeking asylum in the US. He was separated from his wife and children and thrown into a Texas prison where yesterday, the horror of this inhuman treatment caused him to commit suicide. And the news reports indicate that thousands more children are being separated from their families and held in cages while their parents are shipped off to deportation camps and federal prisons. This is not America. This is not Christian. This is the worst form of racism, grotesquely similar to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. I urge my representative, Steve Knight, to stand up and speak out strongly against these crimes against humanity which have been condemned by the United Nations. I want to see a full and complete repudiation of this injustice printed in the next edition of “Knight Vision.” If I do not see positive action taken, I will have to assume that my elected Congressman is sympathetic to the bigotry, hatred, and racism that has brought us the horror of this barbaric, murderous catastrophe.

Frank Smathers

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