Roselva Ungar: Disturbed by Signal Editorial on Immigration Debate

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am disturbed that the editorial board’s column (June 23) appears to agree with two recent columns wherein the influx of families seeking asylum are described as entering the U.S. illegally, equating them to criminals.

It is my hope that The Signal’s role in any controversy would be to enlighten, rather than repeat erroneous views. When families cross the whole of Mexico to seek safety from the extreme dysfunction and notorious cruelty occurring in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, it is not criminal for families to present themselves at our border to seek shelter.  These are not people, in The Signal’s words, “attempting to enter without permission.” On the contrary, they are awaiting permission in the heat, without shelter. Good Samaritans are giving out food and water, not leftists, nor are “leftists” advocating open borders, as far as I know.

As a parent myself, I am especially insulted by the idea that parents would be irresponsible for bringing their children to safety. These are parents who don’t want their children forced to join cartels and the military to learn violence, rape and other immoral acts. That they are willing to risk a perilous and uncertain trip speaks to the extreme conditions and fear they experienced back home.

There are some who cross the border illegally, but please stop referring in that way to those who are exercising a U.S. right to request asylum. And do not treat children as criminals, requiring incarceration in a strange land without their parents!

Roselva Ungar

Santa Clarita

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