Thomas Oatway : A Nobel Prize for Trump? Don’t hold your breath

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Letters to the Editor
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Steve Lunetta’s opinion piece (“Worthy of a Nobel Prize?” June 14) seems to be a very premature crowning of our president as a “peace-maker.” Whereas we should give him credit for opening a dialogue with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, this outcome is a very long way from reality. Both sides have signed a starting document that contains no mention of verification, which is critical in importance. Previous diplomatic initiatives in pursuit of denuclearization have not borne fruit, and many on the left, right and middle are wondering if President Trump is naïve in thinking that North Korea will ever abandon their nuclear program and missile delivery systems. It is difficult to imagine that this closed and secretive society will ever agree to verification. Meanwhile, Trump has walked away from an international agreement with Iran that does include verification and has delayed a nuclear capability by another acknowledged enemy (that may) eventually lead to war in the Middle East.

One has to wonder whether this Trump misdirection play is motivated by his extreme narcissism, or an attempt to buy voter approval while a serious investigation of his campaign and administration continues regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump has already showered praise on a vicious dictator, and capitulated to cancel joint military exercises with our key ally, South Korea. At nearly the same time, he criticized our true friends at the G-7 meeting and is instituting ill-advised tariffs with key trading partners. It is to be seen over the next few months or years whether the North Korean diplomatic initiative will be a success against all odds, but the damage done to our alliances across the world is already done.

A Nobel Prize for Trump? Please!

Thomas Oatway 

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