Out of the Bunker: Be better at being bad


Golfers are always focused on improving their games.

As an instructor, I take pride in being a part of that goal. As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, golf is an incredibly difficult sport.

Obviously, the better you strike the golf ball, the better you are likely to play. However, it’s not necessarily your good shots that are going to determine the quality of your game.

Rather, it’s the quality of your bad shots that will make the biggest difference.

You’ve all experienced the ups and downs of golf. You’ll hit a perfect tee shot, only to flub the next shot into a precarious spot.

Five shots later a perfect tee shot leads to a triple bogey.

It can be frustrating.

This example is why you need to begin focusing on the quality of your bad shots. One way to improve on this quality is by learning to accept your bad shots.

In other words, don’t beat yourself up so much when the shot is less than perfect. This acceptance will reduce the amount of pressure you put on yourself, and that can only help you to play better.

Another way to improve the quality of your bad shots is to stick with a routine that you trust. As we get frustrated in this game, we tend to pay less attention to our routine and more attention on the negative results.

Learn to stay patient, remember to breathe slowly and remember to swing in rhythm. These are critical elements, and we have complete control over this process.

Golf always seems fairly simple when things are going our way. On the other hand, nothing can seem more difficult than when things are not going our way.

Focus on improving the quality of your bad shots, and the game will become much easier. As a result, you’ll likely begin hitting many more good shots.


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