Lois Eisenberg: Americans Should Be Ashamed for Allowing a Madman to Rule

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We as Americans should be ashamed of ourselves  and have a bad taste in our mouths to have allowed the evil, corrupt President Trump to have gone this far in damaging our democracy.

Americans will not forget what Trump and his administration have done with their despicable and deplorable deeds regarding the children at the border as attested to the below actions and deeds.

• Attorney General Jeff Sessions has quoted the Scripture to justify taking children from their parents. Even the clergy members at his church told him that what he did is immoral.

• It was the Trump administration’s policy that started this horrific act of inhumanity.

• Trump is using human beings as hostages to get his lifeless wall built.

• Lest we forget how Trump has dehumanized, degraded, demeaned people and how he has brought bigotry back twofold to this divided country.

This country has been set back progressively by a madman who is only concerned about himself and the money that he can make!

Wake up, America, and “Smell the Roses” as we are being isolated from the rest of the world by Trump’s whims and his lack of governing.

I pray that all the children will be united with their parents.

Lois Eisenberg


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