Richard La Motte: Why Would We Want an America Patterned After Failed Socialism?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Two news stories caught my attention, so I had to do some research.

1) In New York, a 28-year old woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, running for the “Democrat-Socialist” party, was elected to office. She was an organizer for Bernie Sanders, and her platform is easy to research and capsulize: Destroy capitalism, limit private property, open borders, free, health care, food, medical, education, housing and legal assistance for everyone. In other words the standard socialist laundry list of Marxist-Utopian desires.

2) The border “crisis,” where tens of thousands, even millions, of poor people from around the world, lately largely from Mexico and Central America, risk life and limb, fortune and family, criminal gangs, deportation, separation and sometimes even death, to gain entrance to America. The same America that the left characterizes as unfair, racist, exploitative, unequal and unjust. Given the world as we know it, and the conditions in Central America, and even Mexico,  isn’t it obvious that our country is, at its worst, better than anything leftist politics can create anywhere in the world? (Millions of the world’s poor seem to think so and have voted with their feet).

So, my question is: Why does anyone able to read a newspaper suggest that we turn America into the same repressive, state-controlled mess that has never created anything but bankruptcy and refugees? 

Richard La Motte


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