Out of the Bunker: Where to land your ball


Watching The Open Championship is unlike watching any other tournament throughout the year.

The typical PGA event showcases players landing their approach shots on fairly receptive greens. The Open Championship, however, showcased players having to land their approach shots on particular areas of the fairway to allow for the proper run up onto the green.

Picking your landing spot is something that many of you probably don’t consider when playing out on the course. However, it is a great habit for you to develop, because it can get you focusing on the proper elements of your game.

Being a good golfer is less about having a perfect swing, and it is more about making proper decisions on the course. You need to learn to anticipate how your golf ball will react after it lands on the ground.

For example, if a fairway you are playing slopes to the right, you need to aim your ball down the left side of the fairway to allow for the ball to roll to the right. This may seem obvious while reading, but it’s not necessarily as obvious when you are actually out hitting the shot.

We tend to focus more on the roll of our ball while chipping or putting. After all, the shorter the shot, the easier it is to see the contour of the ground. However, if you can begin to focus more on your landing area during your full shots, the game will begin to be much more fun for you.

You’ll find yourself focusing differently, and you will also likely be able to make a more committed golf swing based on your pre-shot preparation.

Learn to enjoy the process of anticipating the reaction of your golf ball after it lands on the fairway. Study the contour of the land and aim your shot accordingly.

As this practice becomes habit, your game will improve and your focus will sharpen.


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