Roselva Ungar | Thanks to Heath, and Please Avoid the Rants

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I want to thank Josh Heath for his informative article on taxation in Tuesday’s Signal.

He is so right in pointing out that the value of education in creating a middle class that stabilizes a society and gives back far more in service and taxes over time.

I earned my higher education when tuition was low enough for me to be able to work part-time and basically support myself, while paying the tuition at prominent universities (University of Michigan and UCLA). My hard-working mother helped a little.

I enjoy reading writers of such opinion pieces. Another has been Jim De Bree.

I understand that the primary motivation for the new owner is to see that the November election produces Republican wins.

However, I would urge fair journalism and specifically the importance of not giving column space to writers who rant and attack the other side!

The reputation of The Signal depends on good journalism, not partisan ranting, in my opinion. There are plenty of partisan newsletters and rags out there.

It would be lovely to have a quality community newspaper here in Santa Clarita.

Roselva Ungar

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: Mr. Budman’s primary motivation is not to generate GOP election wins. It’s to put out a great community newspaper.

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