Sen. Scott Wilk and Assemblyman Dante Acosta: Setting the Record Straight in Response to SCV Water

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Letters to the Editor
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Re: Matt Stone: “SCV Water Users’ Views Sought on State Proposal” (Aug. 18).

Every day is a surprise and Saturday was no exception. SCV Water General Manager Matt Stone’s guest column, “SCV Water Users’ Views Sought on State Proposal” invited readers, after detailing his thoughts on the issue, to contact their local legislators and weigh in on legislation that would institute a so-called “voluntary” water tax.

While the real purpose of the column remains a bit murky, it inexplicably failed to differentiate between legislators, like ourselves, who oppose the tax, and those who don’t.

So we are setting the record straight. We opposed a tax on water when it was legislation; we opposed it when it was discussed as part of the budget; and, we oppose the proposed “voluntary” tax. Mr. Stone was aware of our opposition to a tax on water – voluntary or involuntary – so it was disappointing he omitted that information before urging people to contact our offices. 

Increasing taxes is very rarely the answer to solving the state’s problems; re-prioritizing our spending is. We believe that ensuring all Californians have access to clean water should be one of our greatest priorities, yet legislative leaders opted to use our tax dollars elsewhere, knowing they still had months left in the session to get a tax passed.

Sen. Scott Wilk
Assemblyman Dante Acosta

21st Senate District and 38th Assembly District

Santa Clarita

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