Carl W. Raggio | We Owe Rep. Knight Our Gratitude for Working Across the Aisle

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The United States economy is booming. Gross domestic product, the entire economic output of our country, is growing to the tune of 4 percent. Unemployment has reached a record low.

And, the average American household has more money to spend on both essential and nonessential goods, and that includes those of us in the 25th Congressional District.

The media is critical of Congress for its inability to pass headline-worthy legislation, but the impressive economic situation would not have materialized if not for Congress’ efforts. Legislation to help small businesses and taxpayers, introduced and supported by Rep. Steve Knight, has encouraged economic growth and helped millions of Americans.

In Congress, Steve Knight supported tax reform legislation that has added approximately $1,600 to the average American household. This extra money has fueled the economic growth that has sent our national GDP to the highest rate in years.

Only a couple years ago, economists predicted a new normal of 2 percent growth. These expectations have been shattered by the exceptional economic data from the last quarter.

Data also revealed the lowest unemployment rate, 3.8 percent, since the year 2000. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Tax reform is not the only reason for this progress. Legislation helping small businesses has also strengthened our economy and created good-paying jobs.

Previously, the federal government was an impediment to small businesses. Both the failure to expeditiously pay invoices to federal contractors and security clearance backlogs slowed businesses that do work for the federal government.

Congressman Knight introduced legislation that has been signed into law to streamline these processes to help small businesses with federal contracts. This legislation does not simply reduce red-tape — it enables businesses to operate and puts people to work.

Too often we speak about the economy as if it is a theoretical entity; in reality it is responsive —  responsive to changes made by leaders in Congress.

If we appreciate jobs, tax reform and a responsive federal government, we owe at least part of that appreciation to Congressman Steve Knight.

We should also recognize the benefits of his presence on the Space and Technology Committee, House Resolution 4254, the Women in Aerospace Education Act to Increase Stem and Aerospace Education for young girls and women, and H.R. 3198, Flight Research and Development to maintain and strengthen America’s leadership in the aeronautics and aviation research fields.

Both bills passed with bipartisan support.

Congressman Knight knows how to get things done by working with both sides of the aisle. Please keep that in mind when casting your vote in November.

Carl W. Raggio


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