Robert W. Burton | Let it Be Known: Sobriety Checkpoints Are Illegal

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Sobriety checkpoints are illegal here in America, for they are dragnets, and dragnets have been illegal here in the U.S.A. since the 1950s.

Law enforcement, in America, must have probable cause to pull a motorist over and to check on one’s sobriety. However, as is, American law enforcement has no probable cause at all in the vast majority of the vehicles that they pull over and check the occupants for too much alcoholic content. Law enforcement is supposed to have a reverence for all laws, but, as regards sobriety checkpoints, they disobey American law, simply because they get away with doing so — thus far.

I say “thus far” because when I get to Washington, D.C., any law officer who conducts sobriety checkpoints shall be arrested and dealt with in no uncertain terms, for not only will the United States Congress be made aware of the illegality of sobriety checkpoints, here in America, so will the FBI, and I shall order all law enforcement personnel to be arrested on the spot, for sobriety checkpoints invade the basic civil rights of many American citizens!

Indeed, yes, all motorists pulled over in order to check on their sobriety have been pulled over in violation of American law.

Two times, now, I have written our president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump, about the illegal nature of sobriety checkpoints anywhere on American soil, and I also have had a telephone conversation with an agent of the FBI concerning our law enforcement personnel injuring the civil rights of many American citizens via the unlawful nature of sobriety checkpoints nationwide here in America.

In short, all concerned members of the American way need to come down hard on our law enforcement personnel for their illegal use of sobriety checkpoints!

Let such news travel the entire course of our American homeland.

Robert W. Burton

Santa Clarita

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