Andrew Krowne | Smith Will Defend Porter Ranch

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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It’s no secret the Aliso Canyon SS-25 blowout was among the worst environmental disasters our community has ever seen. From the thousands of residents in Porter Ranch who had to evacuate their homes, to the local businesses that are still trying to pick up the pieces, just about everyone in the community can speak to ways the disaster has and continues to affect their lives.

Why then, wasn’t there more uproar about the recently announced settlement?

Instead, the settlement was announced with fanfare, with Assemblyman Dante Acosta praising it as “an excellent first step.” While the settlement provides funding for long-term health studies and further safety measures, it sends the majority of the funds outside the affected area — at the expense of our community, which has numerous unresolved after-effects of the disaster. 

Much of that money actually goes back into SoCal Gas programs.  That’s why I am proud to see Christy Smith, Newhall School District board member and candidate for California Assembly, release a statement condemning the settlement as “too little, too late.”

Smith recognizes that the Aliso Canyon settlement is a far cry from the South Coast Air Quality Management District settlement reached last year but still has very serious flaws that continue to harm the community. It’s time to elect leaders, like Christy Smith, who won’t stop until Aliso Canyon is shut down with our community safe and those impacted made whole.

Smith is the only candidate tirelessly advocating for a full shutdown of the Aliso Canyon site and a transition to a more sustainable energy infrastructure. Please join me in voting for Christy Smith for State Assembly on Nov. 6.

Andrew Krowne

Porter Ranch

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