Out of the Bunker: Practice making putts

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I have always been a believer that putting is the one component in golf that EVERYBODY can become great. Think about it. You don’t need strength, and you don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest equipment to be successful. Walk into any golfer’s garage and you are likely to find an old putter laying around somewhere. That old putter will still work better than the old persimmon driver it is resting with.

But how do you become a great putter? As I mentioned before, it doesn’t require the latest and greatest putter. It also doesn’t require the latest putting aids. All that it requires is that you practice making putts.

If you think about it, we spend more time practicing missing putts, than we do making them. Let’s change that routine.

The best way to begin practicing making putts is to putt from a short distance. That distance may be 1-foot, 2-feet, or 3-feet. That’s for you to decide.

Personally, I find no fault in making putts from 1-foot and eventually moving back further. Once you can make 20 putts in a row from whatever distance you choose, then move back another couple of feet and do it again. You’ll find that your stroke really doesn’t change much from the putt you were making before.

I have my players do this all of the time. They begin by making 20 3-foot putts in a row, and then they move to making 10 6-foot putts in a row. If at any point you miss a putt, you have to start over. This adds a bit of nerves into your practice which is also a good thing!

Practicing making putts doesn’t require any type of putting aid. It simply requires a little bit of discipline and perseverance. If you practice making putts on a more consistent basis, you will become a much better putter.

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