Paige Weaver | A Clear Choice in Favor of Knight

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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With almost four years in office as our representative in Congress and many years of service in the military, as a police officer, and in various city and state offices, Steve Knight has built a reputation as a superb and capable public servant who is respected on both sides.

Unlike a Brad Sherman or Adam Schiff, who accomplish little but seize on every microphone/camera opportunity, Steve has quietly used his time actually working on our behalf. This includes key support for a major defense contract that brings significant employment to our district; sponsorship of the SECRET, act which helps small business in our area meet the demands of defense contracts; sponsorship of the No Hero Left Untreated bill, a pilot program in our district that allows vets to access private health care rather than traveling many miles to a veteran facility; sponsorship of the Sexual Assault Prevention Program, which addresses the problems of sexual assault in the military; sponsorship of a law giving our small business better access to capital; tireless work to stop CEMEX; support for tax cuts; and many other positive programs.

Knight does not support government takeover of the health care system, but he is in favor of some support for pre-existing conditions and other special circumstances. He is rock solid in support of the Second Amendment, supports border control, and generally favors lower taxes, balanced budgets, fewer regulations, our police and our military. On Social Security and Medicare, Knight recognizes that, as currently configured, those systems are underfunded and doomed to eventual bankruptcy.

As a consequence, Steve favors reform to bring long-term stability to the systems in a manner that will not impact current or near-term recipients. Voters who favor these policies have a clear choice in November since Katie Hill will follow Nancy Pelosi and an opposite posture on virtually every issue.

Paige Weaver

Santa Clarita

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