Brian Baker | Horton’s Hill Column a Bait-and-Switch

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Letters to the Editor
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Did you catch Gary Horton’s bait-and-switch? In his Oct. 24 column beatifying Katie Hill (“Bullies and Checks and Balances”), he describes her as “the homeless advocate, feeding starving street people… the only credible voice for ‘no pre-existing condition limits on your health care’… the only credible 25th District champion for protecting your hard-earned Social Security against Republican leaders…”

Only once does he even mention that she’s a Democrat, and even then it’s only obliquely: “…against Democrats and specifically against Katie Hill.”

At the same time, Horton tries to vilify Steve Knight by smearing him as being a sock puppet for Donald Trump: “Steve Knight has not stood up to Trump on meaningful issues. American health care? He kicked its knees in. Tax equality? Voted for that farce. Financial prudence? Hello national bankruptcy. Steve Knight has not faced down our presidential bully, and that’s put us all at considerable personal insult and risk.”

That’s the bait-and-switch. Knight is Trump’s surrogate and Hill’s the non-partisan cavalry riding over the hill to save us from the evil Trump.

I’m calling a foul on that.

The reality is that if Hill wins she’ll be the young, naïve, and politically inexperienced freshman representative serving as Nancy Pelosi’s doormat. Say goodbye to tax cuts and hello to draconian tax increases. We’ll get to enjoy the spectacle of endless “investigations” and attempts at impeachment tying Congress into knots until at least 2020. Even more attempts to impose extreme gun control measures. The resurgence of attempts to impose “single-payer” medical policies on the country, assuring the country’s bankruptcy. Amnesty for illegal aliens.

A vote for Hill is a vote for Pelosi and the radical agenda of the hardcore leftists inside the D.C. Beltway. Is that what you want?

Brian Baker


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