Michele Jenkins | Board Member Endorses Bjorkman

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Letters to the Editor
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As a trustee for College of the Canyons, my endorsement for COC Board of Trustees Area 5 is Ann Marie Bjorkman. At “annmariebjorkman4coc.com” you will read that her candidacy is supported by hundreds of COC faculty, students and staff. Please add your name to the list on her website. We need effective, focused and principled people to step up into elected leadership positions.

We need Ann-Marie Bjorkman on the College of the Canyons board of trustees. It is noteworthy and remarkable that Ann-Marie has the support of the majority of the college board of trustees who have served the college the longest and guided it to become the excellent institution it is. They are experienced in working together to offer the best services to students, as well as to supporting staff and the business community.

Michael Berger, Steve Zimmer and I (Michele Jenkins) all agree: the election of Ann-Marie to the board will be an immeasurable benefit to the students of COC.

Ann Marie is 100 percent committed to what the college can do with positive support and encouragement from the board of trustees. If Ann-Marie has criticisms, she makes those suggestions privately to individuals. Ann-Marie subscribes to the sound educational policy of, in public, offer praise (not critical comments). She recognizes that a positive, encouraging approach is the appropriate way to motivate individuals.

Ann-Marie believes in communication with voters. She works to provide background information and perspectives to bring people together. Ann-Marie listens to individuals and she finds common ground, working together to accomplish positive achievements. Her years of volunteer work at the Boys and Girls Club have demonstrated her ability to help an organization improve and to reach its highest potential.

Ann-Marie s a hard worker who leads by doing. She thinks ahead, beyond the immediate and obvious, with an eye to the future so she is ready for anything and can create opportunities where many people may not see them. Ann-Marie is willing to take calculated risks to increase opportunities for students at College of the Canyons.

Ann Marie expresses gratitude and regularly thanks people for all they do. She recognizes that is the most effective way to encourage staff to achieve their highest potential. She believes in potential of what individuals can accomplish. She catches people giving their best effort and remembers that! Ann-Marie shines the light on others and has no need for public recognition or accolades for her own work.

Ann-Marie listens. She wants to hear and invites suggestions and ideas from all: students, staff, volunteers and business owners. She respects people and works hard to serve with quality, with care and with accountability. Ann-Marie is solution-minded and solves problems.

COC needs elected leaders who will help us to continue to thrive. Please join me in voting for Ann-Marie Bjorkman for the Santa Clarita Community College District board of trustees. It is time for a new enthusiastic, positive member of the COC board. Ann-Marie is the right leader for our time.

Michele Jenkins

Clerk, Board of Trustees

Santa Clarita Community College District

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