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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When I moved to the Santa Clarita Valley in 2012 from the United Kingdom, I found a welcoming and happy community. Sure, there was debate on the issues of the day but everyone was warm and welcoming.

What has happened to our valley now? Every day a small band of hyperactive Democrat activists sit on various community pages on social media targeting everything Steve Knight says or does.

If they were campaigning on policy, I would understand. Everyone has a right to have their own view and express it.

But what I cannot stand is the personal attacks and bile. I’ve been attacked before because I happen to be gay but don’t happen to be on the left wing. I have seen Katie Hill activists slam young people for daring to campaign for Steve Knight.

This is a hive mind at work. Like the Borg or in the UK, the Daleks, and this reflects poorly on Katie Hill. She is being undermined by her supporters dripping bile and scorn on anyone who dares to have a different point of view.

And that, as I have learned, is un-American. What attracts people to this great country is the sense of freedom and tolerance and it is so disappointing that sections of the left seek to undermine and shout down anyone who dares to disagree.

If Katie Hill is serious about representing everyone, she needs to tell her supporters to wind their necks in.

Neil Fitzgerald

Santa Clarita

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