Out of the Bunker: Remember to play aggressively

A golfer at the end of her golf swing.

I’d like to challenge each of you to begin playing golf more aggressively. What does this mean?

Aggressive golf means to push your limits by taking more risks on the golf course. On some of those holes where you might typically not hit your driver because of potential danger off the tee, I’d like for you to challenge yourself by hitting that driver.

I truly believe that many golfers “handcuff” themselves by playing too conservatively on the course.

Conservative play on the course can be a safer method of playing, but you’ll never reach your true potential as a golfer until you challenge yourself to play more aggressively.

Conservative golf often begins through the fear of hitting your golf ball into trouble. This fear can affect your ability to be truly committed to your shot.

Challenge yourself to take more chances on the golf course, and be confident once you’ve made that decision.

There is no question that the greatest golfers in the world learned how to overcome their fears and play more aggressively. We need to learn from them and begin doing the same thing.

The next time you go to the course, start swinging a bit harder.

Don’t fear the consequence of a shot hit off line. Your livelihood does not depend on the results of your golf shots. Play differently and play with a greater purpose.

Once you reach the putting green, focus on making your first putt rather than just lagging it close to the hole. This may result in a few more three-putts initially, but it may also result in a few more one-putts.

If nothing else, challenging yourself to play more aggressively will make the game more interesting for you.

You’ll be attempting shots you haven’t tried before, and this will allow for you to eventually reach your true potential as a golfer.

You may be surprised at how good you can become.

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