Roni Richardson | High-Speed Rail Not Listening

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Letters to the Editor
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Well, I look at the front page of today’s Signal (Nov. 14) and I see an article on the bullet train project. And it says that “the board of directors has considered moving forward with the recommended Santa Clarita Valley route for the bullet train.”

This train is going to go under a lot of homes including OURS. We have attended these meetings so we can speak our minds. What good does that do? Everyone goes time and time again to tell them how we feel and then they still do what they want. I know that no one at the last meeting was all gung-ho about having this under our homes!

Why do they bother to include all the homeowners when they could care less about what we say? It’s all for show. They could easily take other routes but I am sure they already have made up their minds. My husband was asking them how deep will this be dug under our homes and no one could give us an answer! They just stammered, looked around and looked stupid and said, “I don’t know.” SO why have these meetings? We don’t want a bullet train going under our homes! Why won’t they listen to us?

Roni Richardson

Santa Clarita

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