Trent Sanders | Dangerous New Traffic Pattern

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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A recent change of the traffic signs at the intersection of Bouquet Canyon Road and Vasquez Canyon Road have made this intersection extremely dangerous.

Previously traffic on Vasquez stopped [a stop sign] at Bouquet since Bouquet was a “through road” with fast-travelling traffic. Bouquet traffic did not stop.

The Department of Public Works has changed the signage so that traffic on Bouquet now stops whilst traffic on Vasquez does not stop when merging onto Bouquet. Motorists on Bouquet will justifiably assume that traffic on Vasquez will be stopping.

I will virtually guarantee that there will be accidents due to allowing Vasquez traffic to merge onto Bouquet without stopping.

This needs to be changed. Yes, there are small signs: “Traffic from left does not stop,” and, “Traffic from the right does not stop,” below the stop signs on Bouquet. No, the answer is not to make the little signs bigger. The answer is to install stop signs for all three directions on both roads — ideally with a flashing red light and “rumble strips” to alert motorists of the stop.

Supervisor Kathryn Barger’s office has been notified about this dangerous intersection. Someone should be monitoring this intersection via accident and sheriff’s reports and be sure to send a copy of this letter to the attorneys who will be representing the accident victims or the victim’s heirs when there is an accident. Each time. That way the county can’t claim they weren’t forewarned about this intersection.

Trent Sanders

La Canada

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