Brian Richards | Towsley Canyon Thefts Are Going Unabated

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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If you’ve ever visited Towsley Canyon, you would know that it’s a really great place to spend a few hours. The hiking and views are incredible and it’s free! However, this place is being spoiled by rampant crime and the appearance to many that nothing is being done about it.

Hikers park their cars and thieves know they have at least an hour and probably more to break into cars to steal whatever is left in them. Even if they find nothing, windows are still broken, which costs money to repair. My wife has had her car broken into and yesterday she and a friend observed two men breaking into a car. She called 911, but of course they didn’t get there in time before the thieves left. I have a friend who hikes there frequently and he’s witnessed so much crime that he and his hiking friends leave their cars unlocked so they don’t break the windows. I have another acquaintance that also had his car broken into so it goes a bit beyond anecdotal that this is an issue.

I’m told that L.A. County sheriffs are in charge of policing this area, but I doesn’t seem as if anything is being done. In this day and age where everyone can have a camera on their front porch for a few bucks, it makes no sense why a few can’t be put up at Towsley to catch these people.

I’ve also spoken to Park Rangers who were not just unhelpful, but mildly annoyed that I would even challenge them on the lack of success in catching criminals. Perhaps I’m missing something, but it sure seems like an easy and reasonable fix to add some cameras and get a handle on this problem.

Brian Richards,
Stevenson Ranch

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