Duane Mooring | Boston Misses Obvious Whoremonger

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Response to John Boston’s commentary, Nov. 30:

Thanks for the John Boston column — his most hilarious to date.  John explores the humor in the word “whoremonger.” He tries it on Democrats, the Clintons and pornographers. 

The hilarious part is that there is a bona fide whoremonger in the White House right now. I mean, the real deal! And Boston doesn’t use any of that rich material that is right there in front of his nose in his column! 

It’s a Trump phenomenon that has affected the entire country including, apparently, John Boston. Even though the brush Trumpians paint with paints a better picture of themselves (like their “fake news” brush), they continue to try to paint their rivals with it while getting themselves covered in paint and looking ridiculous.

Duane Mooring, Castaic

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