Duane Mooring | Kudos to Wilk for Brown Column

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’d like to express my appreciation for Scott Wilk’s column on Dec. 22, “A Saugus Farewell to Jerry Brown.” The letter is an exemplary expression of non-partisan thought.

I know that few people on the right appreciate Jerry Brown’s political positions on just about anything, and Scott is not giving Gov. Brown a resounding endorsement. It was just heartening to see how the senator took time to acknowledge the governor’s historic long tenure and his appreciation for those aspects of his character that the senator respects.

It reminded me of how the Clintons respected George Bush as a patriot and how John McCain respected Barack Obama as a patriot. These expressions go a long way toward keeping the country united and I, for one, really, really appreciate it. I’m waiting for President Trump to show some measure of honor in this light. Wouldn’t that help immediately to heal the country? I know some will say, “Well, if people showed Mr. Trump more respect ….” But no, we know him. He would only brag about himself more.

But, thanks Scott – truly a gentleman.

Duane Mooring

Santa Clarita

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