Richard La Motte | Pelosi and the Wrap-Up Smear

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Re: Nancy Pelosi and “Truthing.” For those who haven’t seen it, Ms. Pelosi is featured in a video explaining a political “tactic” called “truthing.”

In it she tells us that some politicians “make up” negative untruthful stories about their political enemies, (called a “wrap-up smear”), then “merchandise” the story to the press, who print it, giving it credence and allowing for a wider dissemination of the lie. In the video she says Republicans use this tactic to advance their agenda, but couldn’t it also be what we have been seeing and hearing for the last 19 months concerning the Mueller investigation and all (or most) of the negative stories that constantly hammer us about the president?

I’m not a die-hard Trump supporter, but I do notice what seems to be a very one-sided anti-Trump barrage of media “opinion” masquerading as “news,” many of the disparaging stories leading nowhere (Russian collusion, obstruction of justice) and simply put out there to weaken support for the president, making him vulnerable to more attacks.

At the same time there is hardly ANY publication of the positive strides of his agenda.

Examples: If Trump weren’t president, do you think: 1) There would be any talk of defending our borders and a creating an immigration policy that serves OUR country? 2) Would ANYONE dare to call out China and try to eliminate its unfair trade practices? 3) Would anyone tell our “friends” in Europe to pay their FAIR SHARE of their own defense? Would we have the lowest unemployment in decades, for women and minorities too?

We have hundreds of constitutionalist judges who (hopefully) interpret rather than create law, tens of thousands of people off welfare, rising wages, returning manufacturing, new adjusted trade agreements with Canada and Mexico, military pay raises and new equipment purchases… and more.

The political “tactic” of promoting untruthful narratives in the press in order to weaken and destroy a sitting president seems unethical and dishonest at least and traitorous at most, with a “too busy to check” citizenry caught in the middle. I urge everyone to see this video and adjust your skepticism of both sides accordingly. 

Richard La Motte


Editor’s note: The video mentioned in Mr. La Motte’s letter can be found at:

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