Steve Petzold | Saugus District Should Openly Discuss Complaint Against Board Member

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The “subcommittee” formed to investigate the allegations made by the Saugus Teachers Association against board member Chris Trunkey should have been referred to as an ad hoc committee in your recent article.

The difference involves more than semantics.  Since the committee contains less than a quorum, and is not a “standing committee,” the meetings will not be open to the public.

The letter sent to the board is now in the public realm and the board bylaws are of record. There is no reason why these meetings should be private and informal.

In fact, if Mr. Trunkey is contacted by the members for information there may well be a violation of the Brown Act and require public notice. Even informal communications with Mr. Trunkey or other board members may constitute a chain meeting.

I hope that members of community and media outlets demand that meetings of the ad hoc committee are open to the public and the press.

Transparency in this matter will lead to better governance in the Saugus Union School District.

Steve Petzold

Santa Clarita

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