Dick Cesaroni | Trump: Hated Because He’s an Outsider

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

You know that after 79 years something has come to me through the fog. I am a slow learner, or I just keep stuff to myself too much.

I have lived through several presidential elections such as John F. Kennedy (my first) up to Donald Trump and have never, and I mean never, heard so much disgruntled and hateful opinions about any of the presidents. NEVER, that I can recall.

So, I asked myself why?

And I came to up with only one conclusion. He (Trump) is an outsider. He is not part of the swamp creatures. He is a business man. A non-politician. A man of his own opinion. A man who goes against the grain of the Beltway. He doesn’t run up a tab at the local pub or the senators’ restaurant somewhere inside the Capital. He only likes and trusts those who are loyal to him and his policies as any president would have it. He is a man of his own means. He caters to no one and he owes no one.

Every president and secretary of state I can remember has met with the leaders of darn dear every peaceful foreign nation and some not-so-peaceful nations, even the leaders of Russia. Hell. President Reagan even had (Mikhail) Gorbachev staying at his ranch and there was no hint of collusion. And you know what? There has never been (that I can recall) a hint or accusation of collusion. 

There have always been verbal battles between the Republicans and the Democrats but never a hint of treason and/or collusion such as there is today.

Why, I may ask? Because he (Trump) is different. He is a non-conformist. He rubs every politician the wrong way because he is not from the “Good Old Boys Club.” Most if not every politician expected another guy to just go along with the old standards of Washington, D.C. He is not your standard politician.

The people who caused him to be elected wanted someone with this grit and that’s exactly what we got. He does not play by the rules and does what he thinks is necessary for the good of “the people” and the “country.” He is crude, rude and in your face and this is what grinds at those who are from the swamp.

Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to like him or love him. Just give him a chance to do right for our country. I believe that we have waited a long time for someone like him to come along. If he succeeds, then a great big OORRAH to him. If he is not re-elected, then, “Thanks Mr. Trump for a great job well-done,” and for trying.

For the past two years the Democrats and some Republicans have spent more time hating and trying to push this Russian collusion (theory) than doing what they were elected to do, “Run the country and make it great again.”

You are all like school ground bullies. “It’s my playground and we do it this way.”

To all of those who are so bent on destroying the president, I would beg you to invest all that energy into making our country great. The Third World nations are just laughing at those politicians in D.C., especially (Nancy) Pelosi and (Chuck) Schumer, who are causing so much discontent.

I advise you all to get a life. Get real. He is the president and while you twiddle away trying to get rid of him our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Especially at our borders. Start doing what we sent you to Washington, D.C., for, to work for US and not your own self interests.

Just one voter’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni


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