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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There seems to be a continuation of the controversy about the landscaping and lighting district assessment. 

Some, in some areas, pay $12.38 and others in other areas pay $81.69. This back-and-forth tumbleweed, that every area, no matter how long this has been going on, should suddenly all pay the same amount, is typical government flip-flop. 

I suggest that those of concern get a copy of the Mello-Roos property tax law, read it and educate themselves because that is what this is. 

Quoting Jim de Bree in Tuesday’s Signal (Jan. 15), he writes, “First, every property owner in each lighting district, regardless of what they currently pay, must be sent a ballot and each ballot must be identical.”

I have a good idea. How about we all pay the same property tax no matter if a homeowner has been in their property for 25 years or two years.

Perhaps in the future we will have some transparency.

Ken Dean

Santa Clarita

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