Out of the Bunker: Doing your part during the offseason

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Usually around this time of year improving our golf game tends to take a back seat to other priorities in our lives.

Let’s face it, the holidays come and go while our golf games become a bit less sharp than normal.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your game sharp during this slow practice season.

Many of you probably have some random golf clubs sitting around the house. Whether these clubs are in the trunk of your car, or in the corner of your garage, you should grab a club to hold onto while casually watching television at home.

Holding a club while watching television is a great way to solidify your grip, while maintaining a great feel for the golf club in your hands. The more you can keep a club in your hands, the better your game will feel once you return to the golf course for practice.

Another great way to sharpen up your game during the holidays is to find a good golf book to read. A couple of my favorites are “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect,” and “Golf in the Kingdom.”

The former is a classic book depicting the mental side of the game. It provides terrific insight and strategies for becoming a more confident player.

The latter is a fascinating story about a fictional character named Shivas Irons. You’ll be taken through a journey of golf throughout Scotland and will leave with a deep appreciation for the spiritual side of the game.

Gripping a golf club while watching television and reading a good golf book may not seem like great advice for improving your golf game during the holidays. However, the feel in your hands will improve by gripping the club, and your appreciation for this amazing game can grow within the pages of a good book.

That’s a combination for a better you on the golf course once you return to practice after the holidays.

Happy New Year everyone!


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