Richard La Motte | Hypocrisy and the Wall

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Aahh, the Wall. By 1916, Mexican bandits/revolutionaries had raided border towns in Texas and New Mexico to rob and/or find sanctuary so often that the U.S. Army, under Gen. John Pershing, retaliated by campaigning deep into Mexico to stop them. In 1918, U.S. and Mexican troops exchanged fire in Nogales, causing both governments to agree to build a wall (actually a chain link fence) to fortify the border in order to: “Stop smuggling,” “collect custom duties,” and halt illegal border crossings. So much for history.

In 2008, one of the Democratic campaign planks was, “border security.” Border security was estimated to cost billions, but, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton all agreed that: “We just can’t continue to let undocumented aliens enter our country.” Recent media reports showing Latino children sleeping in cages, and telling “family separation” stories, have rekindled the accusations of a “humanitarian crisis,” blaming President Trump. So he wants to build a wall to stop illegal entries, smuggling, and human/drug trafficking. The answer: “He’s making it all up,” “It’s just to throw red meat to his base,” “It’s to distract us from his REAL crimes (?)” and, “He’s holding the country hostage for a stupid campaign promise.”

My question for all those who oppose the “Wall”: How many live in gated communities? How many fence in their property? How many lock their cars, homes and businesses? How many post signs in their front yards that proclaim: “Sanctuary house, undocumented welcome,” and, why would you deny our country the same security measures you enact for yourself?

Richard La Motte, Santa Clarita

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