Great reasons to visit your local library

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Many people have a wonderful resource at their disposal just minutes from their homes. This resource can transport them to distant lands, teach their children valuable lessons and serve as a great place to meet new friends.

So what is this magical place? The local library.

Libraries are filled with books for adults and children. But libraries have even more than books to offer, making them an invaluable resource for the entire community. The following are just a handful of the many great reasons to visit your local library.

¥ Reading may help improve long-term mental health. A 2001 study from researchers at Case Western Reserve University found that patients with Alzheimer’s disease were less active in early and middle adulthood in regard to intellectual, passive and physical activities than people who did not have AD. Young adults and middle-aged men and women who visit their local libraries and check out a good book might decrease their risk for cognitive decline later in life.

• Reading can improve your vocabulary, even as you get older. Reading for pleasure as a child has long been linked to helping young people age 16 and under develop strong reading and math skills. But a recent study from researchers at the University of London that examined how the vocabularies of more than 9,400 people developed between the ages of 16 and 42 found that vocabulary continued to improve long after teenage years. By continuing to read books from their local libraries into adulthood, adults can further develop their vocabularies.

• Libraries provide lots of free entertainment. Libraries are home to thousands of books, but that’s not all you can find at your local branch. Newspapers, magazines, CDs and DVDs are some examples of the forms of entertainment available at local libraries. Better yet, such entertainment is free to card holders.

• Libraries offer age-appropriate programs for kids. Some parents may lament the lack of programs available for their youngsters. Such parents are urged to visit their local libraries, which are often home to many programs that can inspire kids to read and foster their creativity. The scope of kid-friendly programs at your local library is wide and may range from sing-a-long sessions for toddlers to group art programs for preschool-aged children to STEM-based programs for elementary and secondary school students.

The local library is an invaluable resource than can benefit people of all ages.  

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