Hagar set to rock SCV

Musician Andrew Hagar, son of rock icon Sammy Hagar, will perform at The Canyon Club on March 1.
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Rock music isn’t dead, according to musician Andrew Hagar.

It’s just revamping its image.

“If anything, some of the rock ’n’ roll music we hear now is better than it’s ever been, and we’re experiencing almost a fourth wave of garage rock that’s way more psychedelic,” Hagar said. “People said the same thing about boxing when MMA became popular, but you have some amazing talent emerging in the sport now. I think it’s cool that rock ’n’ roll has stayed out of the limelight because when it comes back within the next five years, it’ll be bigger than ever.”

Hagar, who performs with “Shredderman” Scott as S.o.S., is the son of musicians Sammy and Betsy Bell Hagar and will perform at The Canyon Club on March 1.

Hagar describes his music as a blend of folk Americana, psychedelic rock, garage rock and grunge. The name S.o.S. comes from the traditional distress call and is influenced by his desire to call attention to modern social issues like mental health, disinformation and gun violence.

“My music is mainly an acknowledgment of issues that people want to sweep under the rug. For example, I wrote a song about mental health after one of my best friends committed suicide,” he said. “In the information age, there is so much misinformation, and I would love it if something I do could bring enough attention to these topics. I would love for my music to normalize these conversations and bring awareness to the tools we have to deal with these issues.”

Though Hagar grew up around music as the son of the legendary “Red Rocker,” he initially ran from music and wanted to forge his own path. He held jobs in journalism and marketing, and worked as a Muay Thai trainer — until he met Kelly Kristofferson, daughter of actor and musician Kris Kristofferson, and began to perform with her.

“Music wasn’t even on my radar as a kid, and as I began to understand my father’s legacy, it made me want to run away from that even more,” he said. “It wasn’t until I played with the Kristoffersons and experienced a different community than the rock ’n’ roll world that I grew up with, that I began to get back in to the entertainment world. Legacy is important, but it’s also important to be able to make my own path and not do what everyone else expects of me.”

Hagar said that although he has received some pushback from people who want to see him perform the same kind of music as his father, he has received a lot of messages from people who admire his determination to make his own sound and his own name. Some of Hagar’s biggest supporters are his parents, who help him critique his work. In the summer, Hagar will go on tour with his father’s band, Sammy and the Circle.

In January, S.o.S. released the single “Triggerman” and will release an EP titled “From the Other Side” in April.

One of Hagar’s big hopes for his music is to create a sense of community around the new wave of rock ’n’roll that he feels is missing from the current singer/songwriter trend in music.

He and fellow musician King Daniel have recently begun an indie rock and folk music performance series in Los Angeles called The Holy Stoned Revival, which he plans to one day take on tour and establish as a traveling festival.

Hagar said he’s excited to perform in Santa Clarita and bring a piece of the Holy Stoned experience, as well as a style of music that residents may not be familiar with.

“I love Santa Clarita and have been through the area several times, and shoutout to the highway patrol that have occasionally given me tickets,” Hagar said with a chuckle. “This show will bring a lot of variety and a platform to a different variety of music than is normally found in Santa Clarita. Hopefully, we can introduce people to the community mentality of folk music, and if they like it, then they might come see our other shows.”

Tickets to Hagar’s March performance at the Canyon Club can be purchased at wheremusicmeetsthesoul.com. Listen to S.o.S.’s single “Triggerman” on Soundcloud.com.

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