Tony Markovich | Government Mishandles Social Security

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Just read comments by Ms. Lois Eisenberg concerning Social Security (Letters, Feb. 13). Perhaps Ms. Eisenberg and the GOP she mentions are people of privilege who don’t need or understand Social Security.

Social Security is not for the poor nor for the rich, but was enacted as a forced savings for the working class. Each pay period a portion of their paycheck, along with an equal contribution from their employer, is submitted into the Social Security fund.

At retirement the workers can collect a certain amount monthly until death, or they may never collect anything if they die before retirement age.

If there is a spouse who outlives the worker they may continue to collect the Social Security check. If the spouse also is eligible to collect their own check, they may only receive one distribution by choosing whichever one is higher.

Social Security, along with Medicare, is not a tax, but is a contribution by the working class for some safety in their old age. These funds, handled correctly, safely put into interest-bearing accounts, should be available indefinitely.

The government, for some reason, chooses to fund various other programs with this money, which is not theirs. They are only the administrators, therefore they are stealing.

Tony Markovich

Canyon Country

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