Cardon Ellis | Hill Lets Omar Slide on Anti-Semitism

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There used to be things that we universally agreed were wrong. Basics like racism, anti-Semitism, corruption, murder. You know — things we ALL rejected regardless of party affiliation.

Except Rep. Katie Hill doesn’t reject anti-Semitism when it comes from a fellow Democrat.

Katie Hill’s friend and fellow freshman in Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar, has been unequivocally exposed as an anti-Semite — full stop.

If you are unfamiliar with the situation, Rep. Ilhan Omar has raised so many anti-Jewish tropes in speeches, tweets and public comments that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to drag her into her office like a third-grader to explain why mocking Jews as “having hypnotized the world” might be as bad an idea as stereotyping them by saying, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.”

These aren’t mischaracterizations or jokes; these are full-blown anti-Semitic tropes equivalent to dressing in blackface in the African American community and apparently Katie Hill is OK with this because Ilhan Omar is a Democrat, with dark skin.

Yes, I am sure if you publicly ask her if she’s an anti-Semite, she will say no; and yes, Katie Hill released a statement March 7 on Twitter where she said, “I urge my Democratic colleagues to hold all members of this governing body to the same high standards.”

But, NO, she didn’t address, condemn, or even lightly reject Ilhan Omar’s anti-Jewish rhetoric! Instead, she wrote a non-sequitur, non-sourced story about “neo-Nazis” who allegedly alarmed her hometown in third grade.

There was NO mention of Omar, NO condemnation of her rhetoric or tropes; only a distracting anecdote OBVIOUSLY meant to frame anti-Semitism as only a white man’s affair, followed by a predictably nebulous and generalized condemnation of “hate.”

So basically, according to Katie Hill, anti-Semitism is only a crime when the 26.2 percent of Los Angeles County that is white and male commits it.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but literally, in the same weekend that “big, bad, prejudiced, and racist Donald Trump” was playing with his Jewish grandchildren, your congresswoman was openly supporting an anti-Semite.

As liberals, we cannot criticize Donald Trump for condemning “both sides” in Charlottesville, and not neo-Nazis directly, if we let Katie Hill off the hook for opting out of condemning Ilhan Omar’s hateful rhetoric.

Cardon Ellis


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