Bathrooms….the royalty room


The bathroom has become a most vital and exciting facet of many remodeling and design schemes. It is no longer a room of relative unimportance. The bathroom is not simply a functional room. It is not simply a room off a bedroom, it is a room unto itself. The bathroom has become a dressing room, a fitness room and a retreat. For that matter bathrooms in many situations no longer look like bathrooms, they look like a grand room. It is a spa-inspired luxurious escape and retreat.

Today the bathroom can be elegant, romantic and even sensuous. Lighting and mirrors can play an essential role in creating the right mood. Luxurious materials like marble and granite can bring beauty and durability together. Rich textures and soothing mellow colors like light green teal can bring about a relaxing retreat. The master bathroom is rich in opportunities for the imaginative designer and homeowner.

The bathroom is an essential part of today’s home and should cater to your personality, your comfort and enjoyment. In dealing with the elements of custom bath design give thought to the type of bathroom you would like. The following may help.

First, there is “The Country Bath” with rich wood, earth tones, ceramic tile, arches, plain or fancy glass shower doors, oak cabinets, warm and darker colors. “The Garden Bath” with a gazebo/lanai effect, mirrors, pastel blue and green tones, bringing the outdoors inside, stained or beveled glass, lattice, an enclosed outdoor garden, skylights. “The Leisure Bath” with a japanese style bathtub, whirlpools, dry sauna, steam bath, hot tub, ceramic tile, stone,bamboo, plants, natural rock, mirrors, skylights.

In remodeling your bathroom, what type would you like: A his-and-hers bath, a private bath, a semi-private bath, or a family bath? Give thought to the following new items you would like: Type of bathtub, soaking tub, vanity cabinets, faucets, toilet, washbasin (sink), mirrors, medicine cabinets, bidet, shower, shower doors, whirlpool tub, personal shower handle. Also, what type of floor would you prefer; ceramic tile, marble, granite or hardwood.

Also, in the beginning planning the basics is essential. Doors: which way they open, windows, heating outlets, all the plumbing, tub, toilet, sinks, cabinetry, shower doors and type of glass, shower shelves and shower head.

Give thought also to the many options: Pull-out drawers in the base cabinet, lighting from multiple sources, countertops at different heights, comfort-height toilet, grab bars in the tub and shower areas, a walk-in shower with little or no threshold, adjustable-height hand held shower hose.

Going back to the 1930s, 1940s, etc. free-standing bathtubs are once again popular with their hydrotherapy options, and because of the introduction of new devices that keep the water temperature so you can stay in the tub longer without having the water turn cold is a major feature, and with their many designs they are becoming the centerpiece and focal point of many master bathrooms.

Because of the need to relax and recharge yourself these tubs are great for self-care and your wellness. Also, soaking tubs are a new trend for your health and add style to the bathroom and can be placed basically anywhere in the bathroom from up against the wall to the middle of the room.

In a master bathroom renovation, the master bathroom should have a grand entrance with all its luxuries. You will find that some luxuries will truly becomes necessities once you experience them. The more you encompass this newly created room the more you will embrace freedom from stress!

So, create your perfect ambience. Heating coils under tile, marble, granite, etc. will give you a wonderful radiant floor. Make a shower also a steam room, thereby having a steam-shower. And don’t forget having a seat or two. A towel warmer/dryer or a heated towel rail is something you will love. Keeping with the luxuries a personal sauna provides relaxation, relief for sore muscles and healthier skin in a limited space.

Does your bathroom currently work well? Can you go into another area to enhance it, perhaps by eliminating a not needed second closet? Designing your bathroom without addressing can not work for the overall look. Do you want neutrals or tones of gray, or perhaps bold tones like the jewel tones.

Since most bathroom floor areas are smaller that a kitchen floor area, take into consideration the size of the tile you may want to use. 12″ by 24″ or 24″ by 24″ tiles may work if the area allows for it. The thing to remember is will it fit without a lot of cuts which can throw the pattern and design of.

As stated above, create your perfect ambience.

Ken Dean has been an award-winning professional interior designer, interior design teacher and writer for 40 years. His website is www. He can be reached at (661) 251-0170

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