Create mosaic art using those colorful eggshells


The days following Easter are much like the days following many anticipated holidays or celebrations, feels anticlimactic. You might spot a lone jellybean the kids passed by during their frenzied Easter-egg hunt morning. And, kids may still want to color more eggs.

If “Easter egg salad” sandwiches are on your menu this week, save the colorful shells for a craft your older school-age kids will enjoy.

Here’s how to make beautiful mo- saic art from dyed eggshells:

On a newspaper-covered table, sort eggshells by color. Place in zipper-style plastic bags and let your kids smash the shells lightly with their fists. Remove from bags and set in piles. Also, mix some white household glue with a few drops of water in a small bowl.

Simple Collage On a piece of heavy construction paper, paint a design with a brush dipped in the glue mixture. Sprinkle the shells on the glue design and press lightly. Your kids may want to add other art ma- terials to the project, such as cutout felt, feathers, uncooked macaroni, sequins and glitter. If you have been on a spring nature walk, add collect- ed small, lightweight “finds,” such as tiny, smooth pebbles, pieces of twigs or pods. Add more glue solution when needed. Set the picture aside to dry before displaying.

Colorful Picture Draw a picture with a marker or pencil on a piece of cardboard. The plain side of cardboard from an empty cereal box is perfect. You may want to draw a fish, a bird, geometric shape or a team logo. Glue dark yarn around the outline of the drawing, if you wish. Let dry.

Brush glue in the empty spaces. Press bits of colored eggshells, one at a time, on the glue to fill in the spaces.

You also might want to add lentils, seeds or small dry beans in different colors. If the drawing is large, your child may wish to work on it in stages and come back to a different section at a later time. Set the com- pleted mosaic aside to dry before displaying on a plate rack.

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